Giclee Printing

Fine Art Giclée Printing Services were originally established as a way for artists and photographers to create their own archival fine art prints on demand and now .... you can too!

A giclée print is an authentic, digital reproduction and is printed directly on 100% cotton canvas or fine art paper using a fine art printer.  Giclée (jee-clay) is French for "fine spray", as millions of color droplets are used to saturate the canvas via thermal jets.  This sophisticated digital technology offers precise, quality reproduction without the use of film or printing plates.  Giclée printers have the widest color gamut available to capture and emulate bright, vibrant hues as well as subtle tonality and transition.  They provide image quality with the archival standards demanded by the fine art industry.

Here you see a wedding photograph printed on canvas that we created for a customer.  We are able assist you in taking your favorite photo and creating beautiful art for you to treasure.

Two Different Styles To Choose From: 

  • Canvas: textured artist's canvas with the look of a traditional canvas, treated with a UV protection, and hand stretched onto wooden support. Great for a large variety of images from landscapes to portraits.
  • Fine Art Paper: Smooth feel deep colors. This paper looks great for portraits, pastels, pen and inks.  A wonderful paper for any image where you don’t want to add any texture.


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